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Affinity (Wuhan) Ltd.

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Affinity Research Chemicals Inc was founded in 2012 in the chemical heritage city of Wilmington, Delaware, the birthplace of DuPont. The company has a world first class technical team and occupies a total 5000 sqm modern laboratories equipped with latest instrument. In USA, the facilities include synthesis labs, analytical labs, kilo-lab, polymer lab, and special reaction suites. Besides the state-of-the-art hardware and software for laboratory synthesis and analysis, our kilo lab is equipped with reactors from 20 to 500L. Special suites such as Flow Reaction, Photo Reaction, High Pressure Reaction have also been established. Major instrument includes NMR, GC-Mass, LC-Mass, GPC, etc. Affinity is highly capable for custom synthesis, discovery research, product and process Development, FTE management, scale-up chemical/material characterization, and surface chemistry. To develop Asia markets and provide better services to Chinese customers, Affinity (Wuhan) Ltd was founded in 2020 at Optical Valley Biocity of Wuhan, China. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Affinity Research Chemicals Inc, Wuhan Optical Valley Biocity is a world class technology park with well-established infrastructure and services, which provides a strong foundation for Affinity to grow in China. Affinity (Wuhan) occupies 1200 sqm laboratory space. Similar to Affinity USA, there are synthesis labs, analytical labs and kilo-labs. The technical team is structured as several groups: Custom synthesis/contract research; FTE; Process development and scale-up; Polymers (include COF/MOF building blocks); Special catalog (un-nature amino acids; pyrazole; single MW PEG).As part of Affinity (Wuhan) Ltd, there are 10 process chemists/engineer working in our scale-up workshop in Linyi, Shandong. The workshop is well-equipped and established high standard quality and EHS management. The workshop can produce multi-kilo to a few MT products. Affinity Scientific Services Ltd. was founded in Dalian to provide better and convenient services to our customers. It pays an important role in Affinity’s global strategy. The key function of the service company is to offer high quality and speedy services to our customers, developing global and domestic markets, and as a liaison between Affinity and global customers.

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(3-(difluoromethoxy)-5-fluorophenyl)boronic acid

Benzene, 2-bromo-1-fluoro-5-iodo-3-methyl-

tert-butyl 1-methyl-6,7-dihydro-1H-imidazo[4,5-c]pyridine-5(4H)-carboxylate



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